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"Shilove and Partners" is the professional legal protection of intellectual property worldwide! We specialize in registration of trademarks, computer programs and databases, copyright, patenting of inventions, industrial designs and utility models, preparation and registration of license contracts and assignment agreements, court and pre-trial settlement of intellectual property disputes.

Our advantages

Working on intellectual property field means the professionalism depends directly on work experience. Our specialists work experience makes 14 years. This allows us to meet the challenges competently and professionally!
Our clients always know what they pay for. Our fees are reasonable and competitive! Special offers for loyal client are foreseen.
Time means money! We meet challenges quickly and competently to achieve the goals. намеченной цели.
We cooperate directly with Attorneys and registration authorities in more than 10 countries around the world, which brings your trademark to the international market.
We take 2nd place in Russia among the leaders of online application filing. Online document flow allows fast applications filing and reduces official fees.

Currently the objects of intellectual property (trademarks, corporate identity style, website, know-how, inventions, works of authors, IT developments and so on) are the most significant assets and the pledge of successful development of any company.

It becomes obvious you need to protect these assets from unfair competitors:

  • illegal use of your trademark or technology
  • copying your corporate identity style
  • appropriation of the results of your intellectual work

Exclusive right registration would not only allow you to affect the infringers (penalty fee for illegal use of trademark in amount of 10,000 rubles up to 5 million rubles), but also to profit from this (granting right of use).

Our services


Registration of trademarks in Russia and overseas. Bringing your trademark to the international market.

Computer programs

Preparing and filing documents for computer programs registration at Rospatent. Computer program registration certificate issue.


Copyright deposition at Russian Author’s Society for works of literature, science and art.


Registration of exclusive right on inventions, utility models, industrial designs.

Legal support

Protection of our clients’ interests at the court and pre-trial settlement of disputes as well as representative at the Chamber of Patent Disputes.

Trademark Attorney

We appreciate time money trust of our clients and partners

Clients from 10 countries worldwide use our services…