Copyright registration

Copyright protects intellectual property such as works of literature, science and art. These include text, photo, music, graphics, design, drawing, layout, soundtrack, telecast, broadcast, computer program, database. As soon as they are publicly broadcasted, performed, reproduced, displayed on the Internet and put into operation by other means, the law on copyright and related rights is applicable. Russian legislation does not oblige to register copyright but, as practice shows, registration is still required. For example, in the case of authorship dispute in copyright violation issue such registration can play a key role and be the proof of authorship.

Our professionals have experience and extensive legal practice in the field of copyright and related rights protection. We provide a full range of services on copyright and related rights registration and protection, preparation of documents, record keeping and registration of the objects at the Russian Author’s Society.

Copyright protection

It is the area of copyright where the largest number of disputes, disagreements and infringments take place. Therefore, copyright shall not only be registered but also to protected. Copyright protection is a complex and time-consuming process that requires special expertise.

Our experts will provide a professional approach to copyright protection through pre-trial settlement and court proceedings.