Trademark examination

When comparing two marks the question of expert assessment of similarity often arises. Most often this need arises in the framework of the court proceedings, when it is necessary to provide an expert conclusion of the skilled professional in this field (patent attorney/trademark attorney) on similarity of compared marks to establish the fact of your rights infringement.

Our experts provide services of preparation of such expert conclusions on similarity of the compared marks.

Court representation

In the field of intellectual property protection, as well as in other areas, disputes can be resolved in the pretrial order and at the court.

However it should be noted that "intellectual sphere" is a very narrow and specific, compared to others, and it requires the presence of more highly specialized knowledge and experience. Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney is the official status of a qualified professional with special knowledge in this field.

Experience of our patent attorneys/trademark attorneys is more than 14 years and we provide our clients with professional assistance in protection of exclusive rights at arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

Representation at the Chamber of Patent Disputes

Branch "Chamber of Patent Disputes" is a subdivision of "Federal Institute of Industrial Property “(FIPS), which in its turn carries out all the necessary actions related to intellectual property registration.

Main types of disputes considered by the Chamber are:

  • Objecting decisions made upon results of trademark and industrial property objects examination/li>
  • Consideration of applications and objections related to invalidity of trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs

Our company provides full range of services to protect your interests at the Chamber of Patent Disputes.