Registration of computer program or database provides rightholder the number of significant advantages:

  1. When you register computer program or database, information on program (database) are entered in the State Register, which are a presumption of credibility. In other words, the particulars entered in the state register shall be considered authentic until proved otherwise.
  2. The presence of registration certificate on computer program or database greatly simplifies the solution of software product assignment issue.
  3. The mandatory requirement of a registered program or database for participation in various competitions, grants, tendering, in obtaining loans secured by the programs and databases.
  4. The certificate is a document confirming the existence of exclusive right on computer program or database, as well as a document confirming the existence of intangible asset at the posting to the accounts.
  5. In case of conflict situations, while protecting copyright and rights of holders at the court registration of computer program or database will also be an additional advantage.
  6. Presence of state registration certificate simplifies implementation of measures aimed at counterpiracy.

Computer program

Computer program is presented in the objective form set of data and commands aimed for the operation of computers and other computer devices in order to obtain specific result, including the preparatory material produced during the development of computer program, and generated audiovisual displays. Copyright for all the types of computer programs (including operating systems and software packages) that can be expressed in any language and in any form, including source text and objective code, are protected as well as copyright for the works of literature (Article 1261 of Civil Code).


Database is presented in objective form a set of independent materials (articles, calculations, regulations, court decisions and similar materials), systematized in a way that these materials can be found and processed with the help of computer (PC) (Article 1260 of the Civil Code the Russian Federation).

Agreements on computer programs or databases use

As any other copyright object, computer program and database empowers the rightholder to grant the right on its use to third parties.